Dr. Singh holds two doctoral degrees, one patent, and one trademark; has been on the faculty of four universities; has published over 50 scientific articles and eight books; and last year founded his third publishing company. His first publishing company, College Hill Press, was started in a garage behind his house while he was on faculty at University of Texas Health Science Center. Under his direction, 250 different titles in the area of speech and hearing were published. Ten years after founding College Hill Press (and later selling it) he founded his second publishing company, Singular Publishing and oversaw the publication of over 350 titles and seven journals. He has just entered the publishing world again with his third publishing company, Plural Publishing, but not before developing a literature search program (ContentScan) for the internet. Dr. Singh’s name is synonymous with publishing many books used by students and clinicians alike. He understood the need to share the knowledge held by many. Through his encouragement to academicians, researchers and practitioners, he created a forum to share their knowledge with others. Dr. Singh has created a library within and outside our profession for all to share.