Dr. Stuart Gatehouse’s achievements exemplify the very basis of this award. While his name is synonymous with hearing aid research, his over 100 published articles have a broader spectrum addressing such issues as medical audiology, basic audiologic and electrophysiologic testing, as well as issues related to successful use of amplification including the underlying dimensions and determinants of auditory disability, handicap, and benefit; however, his contributions are not limited to the laboratory. His clinical contributions have been nearly as important as his basic science work. Two examples of his clinical work are seen in outcome measures he developed: the Glasgow Profile of Hearing Aid Benefit (GPHAB) and the Speech, Spatial, and Qualities of Hearing Scale (SSQ, along with William Noble). The GPHAB is a well-known outcome measure documenting hearing aid satisfaction and benefit. Perhaps it is his pioneering work in the studies of perceptual acclimatization to amplified speech and its implications with hearing aid use that is most recognized in the international hearing aid community. Dr. Gatehouse is truly an international scholar whose contributions have had dramatic influence in many areas of audiology.