By Holly Yeo

This article is a part of the January/February 2022, Volume 34, Number 1, Audiology Today issue.

For children and adults with severe or profound hearing loss who can no longer benefit from hearing aids, a cochlear implant (CI) is oftentimes the best solution, especially when used together with a hearing aid on the non-implanted ear. 

For your patient who may become a CI candidate, Phonak’s Link M is the ideal hearing aid solution because post-implantation, one of them can continue to be used in a bimodal fitting with Advanced Bionics’ Marvel CI. 

The Link M and Marvel CI are uniquely designed to communicate wirelessly in a bimodal fitting. The same operating system in both automatically adapts to changing listening environments to optimize hearing performance, especially in challenging situations with synchronized sound processing and binaural directional microphone technology. 

When streaming from Phonak Roger or any bluetooth-enabled phone or device, your patient can stream audio into both ears and take calls hands-free. Both devices can also be adjusted together with a single control or via the AB remote app.

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