Showcasing the latest media coverage to include audiology and Academy coverage, as well as that of our members.

Since embarking on a strategic, comprehensive, and consistent public relations campaign in May 2017, the Academy has seen several inroads in media coverage to include audiology and Academy coverage, as well as that of our members. We are excited and proud to showcase these endeavors to you, our members on a regular basis.

Media Coverage by Month

The American Academy of Audiology enjoyed extensive media coverage in May through August with more than 2 Billion impressions (readers, viewers, listeners) and a value of more than $11.68 million* including multiple national CBS medical stories on noise-related hearing loss and over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids.

September and October added another 1.6 billion impressions and additional value of more than $15 million. While there were 183 story placements in September, there were 1,146 story placements in October.

October 2022

As OTC rolled out in October, outlets stepped up including CBS Morning News with millions of viewers. More than 600 additional television stations across the U.S. also covered the rollout. Coverage just in October, was worth more than $13 million. The Washington Post wrote a story and included the Academy’s Past President Jackie Clark, MS, PhD and The Cape Cod Times included Past President Catherine Palmer, AuD, PhD.

The Daily Mail, in Vail Co., ran an article on October is Audiology Awareness Month.

September 2022

Coverage on OTC continued with additional television spots running across the U.S. featuring the Academy’s President Sarah Sydlowski, AuD, PhD, MBA. Print and online included outlets such as Philly Voice, in a holistic medical outlet and in Yahoo!News with 63.9 million readers around the world. The Omaha World Herald also covered OTC with 936K readers. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram used a graphic by the American Academy of Audiology that Yahoo! also picked up.

The Academy also provided tips to consumers and healthcare practitioners on OTC purchases. The information was picked up by outlets across the U.S. Also packaged as tips to seniors.

September coverage, mostly on OTC, reached more than 1.9 million readers/viewers/listeners—great visibility for the Academy and especially great in positioning audiologists as the experts on all things hearing related.

Future Coverage

The communications team is interested in any connections that members may have with patients who have experienced hearing loss or any other hearing conditions and have a unique story. Please email Vicki Bendure at